Secondly, for starters, it is recommended for embryologist to be familiar with all the components of a Vitrification system. The goal here would be to do things perfectly without time constraints. The last major step can be broken into mini steps for better acclimatization. Embryologist can learn to adjust the coarse knob of the microscope to pick up the embryos after they float owing to change in viscosity in VS, the focusing of the cryotop under the microscope, the placement of the hand, learning the process of washing and finally gaining the ability to load the embryos!

Thirdly, once you have perfected the step, time will come into the picture. Then the use of stop watch and practicing loading in its required time becomes the focus. Initially, the loading time may exceed even two mins. With practice, slowly, you will reduce the necessary time and finally place yourself in the stipulated range of sixty to ninety seconds! This practice can be done with degenerated oocytes.

Basically, cable glands are a type of devices that are used in combination with wiring and cables for automation systems, such as Telecom, data, power and lighting. The primary function of these is to serve as a terminating and sealing unit to make sure that the electrical enclosures and equipment are safe. In this article, we are going to give you a basic introduction to these units. Read on to find out more. Environmental Protection: These units offer environmental protection through sealing the external cable sheath, which helps remove dust and moisture from the instrument or electrical enclosure. Earth Continuity: It is used in combination with armored cables. This type of cable glands features a metallic construction. For this purpose, these products are tested to make sure that they can withstand the highest short circuit fault current. Holding Force: They are used for better holding force to withstand the resistance. Additional Sealing: It serves as additional sealing when there is a requirement for high level of Ingress protection.



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